Flourless Chocolate Pots with Earl Grey Cream | Thyme & Honey

As if the weather Gods had heard my silent pleas for winter, it rocked up all bold and cold over the weekend. It’s officially sweater weather and to celebrate this momentous occasion I’m wearing the fluffiest jumper I own and plotting my first PSL of the season, all while scrolling through Halloween decorating ideas on Pinterest.

I’m also getting ready for an even colder climate, because this weekend I’m flying to Toronto for my annual poutine fix cousin’s wedding where I’ll be one of her bridesmaids and official joker – ah, the good ol’ English accent… gets ‘em every time.

Also can I just say how giddy with excitement I am about experiencing my first Thanksgiving on Canadian soil? So giddy.

Flourless Chocolate Pots with Earl Grey Cream | Thyme & Honey

In other news I baked these little pots of indulgence over the weekend, and let me tell you, they are G O O D. No – better than good, they are fantastic. Why? Because they are fudgey, sweet but not too sweet, and look impressive when they emerge from the oven grandiose and soufflé-like. Plus they’re flourless, take minimal time to make, and that Earl Grey cream? Decadence just got the British treatment. We so fancy.

I’ve got to be honest though, up until a couple of months ago I wouldn’t have dreamed of drinking black tea let alone putting it in cream, but then I was introduced to the world of JING and all of their wonderful teas, and I’ve been drinking it ever since.

Flourless Chocolate Pots with Earl Grey Cream | Thyme & Honey

Flourless Chocolate Pots with Earl Grey Cream | Thyme & Honey

Flourless Chocolate Pots with Earl Grey Cream | Thyme & Honey

Flourless Chocolate Pots with Earl Grey Cream | Thyme & Honey

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So it’s been 2 weeks since we moved in. Two entire, (mostly) wonderful weeks. I’ve had three dinner parties, put out about 1,000,000 bags of rubbish, successfully put up one set of window blinds and watched about 2.5 films.

But there are some things I’m not quite getting. Like framed photos, apparently it’s weird that we don’t have any. Why can’t I just project my Instagram feed everywhere and be done with it?

Another thing that’s been ruining my life bothering me is the laundry. It seems that my purpose in life, the reason why I was placed on this earth, is to spend endless hours of precious time doing laundry. What I want to know is where is it all coming from, who is putting it in my laundry hamper, and why does one man need/have SO MANY SOCKS???

And then the bills, ohhh the bills. Those things make no sense to me, let’s not talk about it.

Also dust. Dust everywhere. And I think our neighbours quietly hate us.

*cries into glass of wine*

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After four months of patiently waiting, last weekend we moved into our home. We didn’t waste a second, moving in all of our worldly belongings while the last of the building work was being finished. The carpets were being laid as we navigated our boxes through to their allocated rooms.

I went straight for the kitchen, our new kitchen, and my first. When I say my first kitchen I mean the first kitchen that is really mine. There is space for all of my things, even the Kitchen Aid that Mr Swiss bought me a couple of Christmases ago. That my friends is what I call luxury, and one that I am so happy to have. HASHTAGBLESSED.

As you can imagine I’ve been home a fair bit, sorting things out and awaiting deliveries, which means that I’ve subsequently gotten to spend some time in my new favourite place, and cook little lunches for one. This griddled corn salsa has got everything I need in a meal. It’s delicious, simple, quick to throw together and healthy. Team this with a slice of toast and some green leaves and you’ve got yourself something real special.

Have a great weekend everyone!




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A couple of weeks ago this blog turned 2, I can hardly believe it! I originally created this space in order to keep a record of my kitchen happenings and as an online recipe book of sorts, but I had never really thought that 2 years on there would be anyone reading it let alone cooking my recipes and being just generally wonderful (I’m looking at all of you guys who take the time to comment nice things). The beginning was painfully slow, but in the past 8 months I’ve been Freshly Pressed twice, reached 3,000 followers and found my voice and style. I love this blog even though it’s a constant work in progress, and I hope you do too.

Despite my occasional rants about commuting, the weather and buying a house, I haven’t given much away about who I am aside from what you can read in the about section. So what better excuse than a birthday is there to tell you a few random things about myself (and give you a killer recipe for a delightful olive oil cake scented with orange and smothered with full-fat cream cheese frosting)?

1. Always mayonnaise over ketchup.

2. Seven years ago I broke my left elbow and now have 2 metal rods and some wiring holding it in place. Sadly I don’t beep through security.

3. I listen to classical music when I drive and jazz when I commute.

4. I hate fresh ginger. There, I said it.

5. I can be a bit of a know it all.

6. Ice cream is my vice.

7. I am a movie fanatic, but I don’t like blockbusters.

8. I have two brothers who are so different yet equally wonderful, and I can’t live without them.

9. My favourite feeling is nostalgia.

10. I love everything about the Nordic countries, especially their appreciation of personal space.

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Linguine with Kale Pesto | Thyme & Honey

Linguine with Kale Pesto | Thyme & Honey

I’ve been making a mental list of things that I want to start doing when we move into our first home. On this list there are projects and purchases, little gestures that I truly believe will make our lives that bit more beautiful. I imagine us becoming less reliant on supermarkets for our fruit and vegetables, instead taking the time each week to visit our local farmer’s market, butcher and fish monger. I see myself hand-selecting flowers and having an array of pretty vases to showcase them in. I picture us making our own nut butters, almond milk and ice cream. There are other small things that I’d like to have too, like fresh orange juice daily, artisan bread (made by myself if I’m feeling particularly adventurous), interesting magazines and beautiful books for our coffee table and of course, pasta Sundays.

The latter is highest up on that list and probably the most likely to happen, no matter how much I fancy myself as a cross between Heidi Swanson and Rachel Ball.

I’m sure that traditionally pasta on a Sunday should be had with a slow-cooked meat sauce like ragù, but being a pasta fiend and predominately herbivorous a simple pesto is my go-to sauce for any celebration of carbohydrates. The kale adds an element of richness (and health benefit), but I couldn’t give up the basil altogether, and neither could my not particularly kale loving beau, however you can easily sub the basil and go all kale if that’s how you like to roll.

Oh! Before I forget, this blog turned 2 on Friday so I baked a great little cake to celebrate with, which will be on here in the not too distant future. I also wanted to say a massive thank you as coinciding with that, there’s now more than 3,000 of you following this weird and wonderful little thing I’ve got going on. AWESOME!

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